Bear Trap and accessories

When the PA Game Commission brought us a bear trap and asked us to duplicate it, we didn’t realize where it would take us.  Bear managers on the east coast like these portable, lightweight aluminum traps for their simplicity and ease of placement.  We also make stacking saddles, wheeled dollies, and runner kits to facilitate handling of these traps.  We have sent them as far as Tennessee, where Matt had the privilege of attending the 5th International Human-Bear Conflicts Workshop.  At a customer’s request, we recently developed a larger diameter steel trap for the largest of black bears.

tilting conveyor

For this project, our customer asked us to duplicate an existing part of their line.  We reverse engineered it, worked in a few requested design changes, and built it for them.

biotechnology cart frame

These stainless-steel carts were built from customer drawings.  These pictures were taken at our shop.  After they left here, they were taken for additional polishing to reach the customer’s desired appearance.

abrasion resistant diverter

The end user of this diverter runs glass through it, so it had to be made from abrasion resistant steel with bolt in liners for increased longevity.

radiation beam tubes and gates

Manufactured for an expansion project at a research reactor, the tubes carry the radiation to the lab and the lead filled gates control the flow into the lab.

12′ x 12′ hopper

We drew, and manufactured, two of these oversize hoppers to the specifications of a local specialty mineral company.

platform over eagle laser

When we were planning for the arrival of our Eagle laser in early 2020, we were presented with the option of installing the chiller and resonator on a mezzanine to free up floor space.  It sounded good to us, so we designed and built this one.  We think it provides a nice look and if definitely provides an extra layer of protection from forklifts!


cnc rolled coil

This is a product that utilizes and showcases one of the unique capabilities of our CNC plate rolls- variable radius rolling.

n.e. reihart custom mailbox

When Jack wanted a new mailbox for our business, he searched extensively and couldn’t find one that met his expectations.  The next option was to build one in house, so we now have one of the highest quality mailboxes around.  And we still have the plans…

adjustable roller frame

Making this frame utilized a combination of our laser cutting, machining, “industrial” painting, and assembly capabilities.

smoke trailer

When a local customer needed a company with experience with high temp stainless and nickel alloys to replicate a furnace system from a truck onto a trailer, they came to us.  We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to make a few improvements along the way.

concrete chute

“Make me two like this, except different” was basically how this project started.  Complicated angles and tapers made it a little more complex than it appeared, but we handled it.

nerf bars

Some projects are really fun, especially in their end use.  This production run of parts will end up in an amusement park.


This mold tapers from both ends.  So how do you get the part off?  Yeah, we know this trick (and a few others) from our long history of making molds for fiberglass products.