Industries Served

Who We Service?


Well that’s an easy answer…We can service ANYONE that makes something.  If your Industry makes a product, chances are that you will need a NEW or REPAIRED PART or a COMPLETE MACHINE or related services inside your company, manufacturing industry or business.  We service a wide range of industries worldwide. These industries include textile (mostly fiberglass), manufacturing, steel mills, agricultural, automotive, aerospace, medical, research, communications and many more.  That means you need N.E. REIHART!



CUSTOM – It’s what we do best here at N.E. REIHART.  We take an idea and make it.  Its that simple.  We make it seem simple, but I can assure you cutting rails or bending an incredible thick sheet metal takes skill and professional know how.  Our shop is designed to be the best, make the impossible possible, and provide you with the solutions to keep your business in business.  We provide the technology to make overseas parts right here in the USA.  Our quality is our business and we make it our business to provide the cutting, stamping and forging services for a variety of Industries.